Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

Best Bluetooth helmet: What are the features you should check?

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

A Bluetooth Helmet is packed with the communication technology of Bluetooth in built in the helmet. Along with that you will get two speakers. This technology can be installed in two kinds of helmets either open face helmets or in the flip-up helmets. With Bluetooth connectivity available with the helmet you will be able to communicate with others whenever necessary while operating your bike safely.

Are you searching for the best Bluetooth helmet? Then you can surely go for the below mentioned options. If you just go through online for checking the most selling Bluetooth helmets in the market you will find these options for sure.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

ProductModularBluetooth UnitVentilatedBuilt-in Sun VisorIntercom Range (MPH)Weight (pounds)Talk time 
YesYesNo65+ 3.0Check Price
Duke Helmets DK-120
NoYesNo654Check Price
Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako
NoBluetooth 2.0 EDRYesYes4004.9524 Check Price
YesYesYes3.7 Check Price
FreedConn Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets
YesBluetooth 3.10YesNo500412 (Phone)/ Up to 9 (Intercom)Check Price

HJC Helmets

HJC Helmets


The Bluetooth is available with the interior speaker and integrated recess.

The best quality face-shield will give you protection from the UV rays to a great extent.

There is something called Advanced Channeling Ventilation system which helps in providing air inside the helmet. So, you will get relief from humidity, heat and airflow flushes.

The helmet is lightweight and it will have the perfect fitting.

With the perfect fitting this helmet will be absolutely perfect for those people who ride on bike very frequently for longer time.
The design of this helmet is perfect. It provides you chance to flip the front up if you want to drink or eat something while wearing the helmet.
The padding provided inside the helmet is extremely comfortable. It is also quite comfortable to wear sunglasses with the helmet.
Placement of the Bluetooth speakers may be an issue with this helmet.




It easily exceeds the safety standards of fmvss-218 because of the best quality material used.

Use of composite poly-alloy makes it a very lightweight helmet. The design of Aerodynamic shell is also quite helpful.

Cheek and linger pads are made of nylon and hypo-allergenic.

The vents are there in forehead, rear and chin. Total 7 points for the ventilation is there in the helmet.

The face shield is side coverless and flush shield. It is scratch resistant and compound curved.

Being a solid helmet it can provide you better safety in case of any accidents.
Being a light weight helmet you will feel extremely comfortable to wear the same for long time. Because of the proper ventilation system, you will not feel suffocated wearing it.
The Bluetooth connectivity will provide you a smooth experience for communication while using the same at the time of riding your bike.
Some of the users have not found the design of the helmet stylish to wear.




Bluetooth is integrated on the shell.

It has Dual Density EPS along with the intermediate profile.

The visor system with the lock drop down facility is just the perfect.

The material with which this helmet is made of is thermo polymer and the alloy. The shield is solid.

The inner liner can be removed easily and it is easily washable in the machine.

It is DOT and ECE certified.

Being a quality helmet it is perfect for the safety in case of any accidents occurs and you fall down.
The Bluetooth connectivity is extremely satisfactory. The Bluetooth battery will be charged for a very long time.
As it is extremely easy to wash you can use the same for the daily use without any problem.
Quality of the speaker may be a problem. Some of the users have faced problem of hearing the voice clearly when they are riding their bike even in the lower speed level.




It is approved with DOT FMVSS 218 as per its professional standards is concern.

It has buckle with double D-Ring, Chin strap which is reinforced, Multi density EPS, ABS Shell which is aerodynamic.
It has completely adjustable ventilation system which has the exhaust vents. It can create a light flow of the air inside the helmet.

You will have the easy-use switch which help to change the sun visor quickly. It will also be easy to remove the sun visor and wash it.

The best ventilation system of this helmet helps you to get a cool and comfortable experience of wearing a helmet for longer time while riding your bike.
The quality material used to manufacture the helmet makes it a very solid helmet to wear when you ride your bike on the highways.
This helmet is easily washable.
The Bluetooth connectivity is perfect. So, the experience of communication is fabulous.
Some of the customers have faced the problem of durability with this helmet.




It comes up with the best quality Bluetooth connectivity device. It is water proof, having the range of intercom at the 1640 feet range. You can get quick GPS navigation, listen to music and receive calls easily.

It has the DOT certification. The unibody design with ABS engineering provides absolute safety while riding bike wearing this helmet.

The helmet is water and sun proof.

The ventilation is three dimensional.

As per the Bluetooth connectivity is concern you can consider this helmet to be one of the best available in the market.
With the best ventilation system, it is extremely comfortable and breathable to wear this helmet for longer time.
You can get this helmet with lots of entertainment option. You can listen to the FM radio. You can also just switch on the mp3 files in your Smartphone to enjoy the best songs while riding the bike.
Some of the users have faced problem with the design of the helmet. It pushes onto the forehead.

Factors to consider when selecting the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

There are some of the factors which you should always keep in consideration while purchasing a helmet so that you can buy the best helmet available within your budgeted price. Going through the Bluetooth helmet reviews can surely help you out and make your work easy to find out the best features in the most competitive price.


Budget is always going to be a crucial factor that you should always keep in mind. Well, this is why you should always check the price of the helmet online while purchasing the same. You should compare the price with the price of the other such Bluetooth helmets from different brands and then only you should purchase one.

However, helmets provide you safety while driving. So, you should always buy a quality helmet which will have the solid shield. Even if you find it costly you should not compromise. Go through the Bluetooth helmet reviews. You can compare the price along with features available with the helmet. You can then purchase the best helmet of your choice easily.

Bluetooth Range/Quality:

Factors to consider when selecting the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet

When you are purchasing a Bluetooth integrated helmet then you should surely check some of the things before purchasing it. If you want to buy best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, then you should surely check the following things.

Range of the Bluetooth will be a very important thing you should check. High range Bluetooth will work fine wherever you go. As a bike riding lover if you go for a long tour with your friends even on a hill station a long range Bluetooth will help you to keep the connectivity with your friends perfectly.

Longer talk time will be another thing that you can check. At least 7 to 8 hours of talk time should be available with the Bluetooth. So, you should always go for the helmets with the Bluetooth having longer battery back-up.

Check the technology used in Bluetooth. It should be the most recent and updated one for having the best experience.

You should also check the quality of the speakers. When you ride a bike on high speed especially in a windy condition the speaker quality will help you to listen to your calls better. The stereo speakers will always provide you better experience especially in case of listening to your favorite music.

There are some other smaller things also which you should always keep in consideration while purchasing a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

Mobile phone communication which will be hands free.

Intercom between riders to rider.

Music sharing from the Smartphone to the stereo headset.

The positioning of the speakers in the helmet will also be a crucial thing. The best positioning along with right adjustability will provide you a very good experience of listening to music or any call.


Even if you are giving importance to the Bluetooth technology of the helmet you are going to purchase the first and most important thing that you should look for in a helmet is your safety with the same.

There are certain things which you need to look forward to in this case.

There are some of the safety standards for the helmet which are already mentioned above. You should always check whether the helmet exceeds or at least meet that standard or not.

The shield should be made of solid material which will provide you the best protection from any kind of crash if you fall down from the bike in case of any accident.

The best design will also be the thing which will matter a lot when you think about the safety features of a helmet.

Best padding should be available inside the helmet. It not only provides you utmost comfort when you wear the helmet for longer time but at the time of crashing it provides you ample protection from getting hit.


Waterproofing will be another crucial thing that you should check while purchasing a helmet. First of all, in the rainy season it is going to be extremely helpful. In fact, the Bluetooth connectivity will be absolutely fine even when you are riding your bike while it is raining. However, though the helmet will be waterproof you should also check the ventilation system available with the helmet so that you will get rid of excessive heat and humidity inside.

Paint and Material:

Though the main reason behind wearing a helmet is safety it is also a thing in which you find your style. So, you should always check the paint of the helmet. You should first choose your favorite color. At the same time, you should check whether the paint will stay fine for longer time or not.

The helmet is going to resist all the external hazards like heavy rainfall, strong wind, and other chances of external scratches. So, paint of the helmet must be of the best quality so that it can stay fine for longer time even after resisting all these.

Material with which the helmet is made of will be a crucial thing to check. A thermo alloy polymer helmet can be extremely good in this case.

When you purchase helmets made of such material it will have the desired durability. It will ensure your protection. It will be solid but light weight. So, wearing it for longer time will not be an issue.


The helmet should have easy control especially for handling the various things regarding Bluetooth. You need to keep in mind that you will use the helmet while riding the bike. So, if you need to take a call, or you need to start listening to music you will not be able to handle it if the control is not easy. Best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet will surely have the easy controls.

Auto-connect facility should be there for sure for connecting your calls coming into your Smartphone. If you can start mp3 files through the switches available in the helmet along with the Bluetooth it will be better. It will help you to start music easily once you are driving.

So, if you want to purchase the best Bluetooth helmet then please check with the best brands. It will not only help you to get the Bluetooth available inside the helmet with the best technology but at the same time it will be perfect with other aspects like design, comfort, safety, and style.

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